Craft School Art Sale

Helina Metaferia
The Oracle, 2018
9 x 13”

Color printed on archival-grade Moab Rag Natural paper at I/O Labs in Providence, RI.

After production and shipping, 50% of sale to the artist (bc artists should always be paid) / 50% of sale to The Black School.

In Helina’s words: "The Oracle" was the first collage I made in the "Refiguring the Canon" series in 2018, which is a series of collages, video, and performance work that interrogates white systemic oppression within art institutions and canons of art history. When I begin a new collage series, I usually start with small scale test collages as low-risk experiments and then scale up from there (collages in this series have been up to 8' x 8'). The source material includes art historical periodicals from the 1980's (the decade of my birth) collaged with photo documentation of past performance work. When I made this work, I was thinking about Western colonial fascinations with the "primitive," and histories of appropriation of black and brown artists in canons of art history (i.e. Picasso's fascination with African art birthing cubism), along with the continuous underrepresentation of black and brown artists within institutional collections and art historical narratives.