Craft School Art Sale

Jolie Ngo
8.25 x 9.75"

Risograph - 4 color on EarthChoice Index Cover White 90lb paper printed at Binch Press in Providence, RI.

After production and shipping, 50% of sale to the artist (bc artists should always be paid) / 50% of sale to The Black School.

Jolie Ngo grew up in Philadelphia, PA. She recently finished her BFA in Ceramics at Rhode Island School of Design. This fall, she will be an MFA candidate at Alfred University NYS College of Ceramics.

She takes objects that are historically viewed as minimal and humble and lovingly dresses them in vibrant patterns or hazy gradients with hand-crafted actions that mimic digital effects. She uses the vessel as a conduit between tradition and personal experience, a symbol that evokes the long history of craft, while acting as a stand-in for a body.